Gastronomy on a Budget

Are you on your dream vacation but still very mindful of your expenses? Do you want the most bang for your dining buck? Then here are our tips to frugal gastronomy at Plantation Bay!

Kilimanjaro Kafe

(Open 24 hours daily.)

The coffee shop is surrounded by our gigantic swimming pool. Features international and Filipino favorites, a special children’s menu, and our world-famous Breakfast Buffet with different culinary themes for every day of the week.

Kilimanjaro Kafe - Pochero Cebuano Style

Cebuano Pochero

Cebu’s famous specialty beef casserole, serves 2-3 persons for only Php 750 nett (about US$ 14).

Kilimanjaro Kafe - Half Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken

A fine choice for people watching their calories, and really delicious too! Php 390 nett (about US$ 7).

Kilimanjaro Kafe - Lasagna

Mom’s Lasagna

One good meal for sharing! It can feed two persons for only Php 480 nett (about US$ 9).

Kilimanjaro Kafe - Stir-fried Mixed Noodles

Pancit ni Efren

Filipinos make numerous variations on the “Asian noodles” theme. This is ours – piquant, garlicky, with an interplay of many Filipino flavors. A light meal for 3 for only Php 480 nett (about US$ 9)

Kilimanjaro Kafe - Kare-Kare

The World's Best Kare-Kare

The best Kare-Kare in the world! Enjoy our peanut ox-tail stew, made with US oxtail, for only Php 750 nett (about US$ 14). May be shared by 3 persons.

Fiji Restaurant

(Open 12 Noon – 3PM and 6PM – 11PM. Closed on Sundays.)

Situated by the hotel’s beachfront, Fiji offers both air-conditioned and open-air dining. Open for lunch and dinner, it serves seafood, Japanese, Korean and other Asian cuisine.

Fiji - Sizzling Polynesian Spareribs

Sizzling Polynesian Spareribs

A must-try! This dish will surely delight your taste buds. Can be shared by 2 persons for only Php 650 nett (about US$ 12).

Fiji - Salo-Salo


Up for some seafood? Try our Salo-salo! Enjoy a platter of shrimps, salmon skewer, pork barbeque, clams, mussels, salted egg, steamed rice and green mango salad with shrimp paste. A Php 1090 nett (about US$ 21) platter is enough for 3 hungry mouths!

Fiji - Crepes Samurai

Crepes Samurai

What better way to end a sumptuous meal than Crepes Samurai for dessert? Filled with mangoes and smothered with vanilla sabayon, 4 persons can enjoy this heavenly desert for only Php 450 nett (about US$ 9). (But you’ll want more!)

Palermo Restaurant

Café Bar: Open 3PM – 11PM
Tapas and Pastas: Open 5PM – 11PM
Air conditioned. Closed on Mondays.

Our Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. Chic, eye-pleasing décor. Serves light snacks, casual Spanish tapas, Italian pastas, and Steaks.

Fiji - Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata

Plantation Bay’s signature dish, our answer to Spanish Cochinillo and Italian Porchetta. Will feed 2 persons for only Php 550 nett (about US$ 10).

Palermo - Callos, Gambas, and Fried Rice

Callos, Gambas, and Fried Rice

Braised Pork Stew with rich tomato and onion sauce for only Php 550 nett (about US$ 10). Pair it with our spicy Gambas (shrimps) at Php 550 nett and sinful Fried Rice at Php 280 nett, and it’s a Php 1,380 (about US$ 26) feast for 2-3 people.

Route 66 Diner

(Open 7AM – 4PM. Daily.)

Retro American diner with comfort-food favorites, and an all-day breakfast. We will stack our Powerhouse Burger (order it with everything on!) against anyone’s. The stateside hotdogs are out of sight.

Route 66 used to be the main highway connecting the Eastern United States with California. Roadside “diners” provided inexpensive and varied food to motorists. With a growing nostalgia for times past, people everywhere are rediscovering the cheerful decor and simple, hearty dishes characteristic of this unique genre of restaurant.

Route 66 Diner - Hotdogs


For only Php 280 nett (about US$ 5), enjoy a Hungarian Hotdog topped with our amazing Chile con Carne.

Route 66 Diner - Rice Republic

Rice Republic

For only Php 320 nett (about US$ 6), a bowl of rice drowning in a thick, meaty sauce and topped with a contrasting topping.

Understanding Philippine Hotel Pricing Room and Restaurant Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Plantation Bay Room and Restaurant Satisfaction Guarantee. We would like all our guests to feel they made the right choice in coming here. And most of our guests do, so we can afford to be liberal with those who don’t:

Immediate change of heart after checking in. If after arrival you do not think you would enjoy your stay, please advise us (by calling a Duty Manager or the Front Office Manager) within 4 hours of checking in, and we will do the following:

  1. Waive your room charge for the day (but not your charges for food, goods, or services if any);
  2. In case you made any advance payment or deposit, even for peak or blackout periods,
    the entire amount will be refunded to you by the same method/channel you used to pay;
  3. Help you book at another hotel in metropolitan Cebu; and
  4. Provide you with free chauffeur-driven transportation to that hotel;
  5. The provisions of this guarantee do not apply to guests refused check-in or ejected, for either obnoxious behavior or refusal to comply with the Resort’s policies. Plantation Bay does not suffer ill-mannered guests or those who think they can intimidate the natives. By not wasting our time and energy on a few unreasonable guests, we leave our management and staff in good humor to serve normal guests better. If we do reject or eject you, after you have paid us in full for all the goods and services you have consumed, we will escort you to our front gate and bid you goodbye.

You must, however, actually come. Our normal policies apply to no-shows and reservation cancellations made prior to check-in.

Early departure vis-à-vis the number of nights reserved. If after staying a day or more during a non-peak and non-blackout period, you decide to cut short your reserved stay, you will only be charged for the days actually stayed (you must of course leave by 12 Noon, our standard check-out time). In case you made any advance payment or deposit, the unused balance will be refunded to you in Philippine peso equivalent. Please note however that if you were accorded a discount due to the length of stay booked, an early departure may disqualify you from the discount, and the rate for the days you actually stayed will be calculated accordingly. This section does not apply to peak dates or dates that are “blacked out”, i.e., dates for which advance payment in full is required (roughly 30 days a year are peak or blackout dates); in respect of such dates, no refunds will be given for early departures.

Unsatisfactory food. When dining or drinking at any of our restaurants (but not our dinner shows or open buffets), if after eating or drinking 25% or less of the serving, any dish or drink is not to your absolute satisfaction, please advise our staff and there will be no charge for it. (We will of course offer you alternatives.) Please do this instead of just grousing about your meal later, when we can no longer ascertain exactly what the problem was or whether any staff member warrants correction.


Understanding Philippine Hotel Pricing

All prices in the Philippines are subject to 12% Value Added Tax. At the same time, in accordance with industry norms in the country, Plantation Bay also adds a 10% service charge, which is distributed monthly to all the regular employees of the hotel, in equal shares. Where a figure is shown with + after the numbers, this means that 10% service charge will be added. Thus, P 100 + means that your final tab for that item will be P 110. P 100 ++ means that your final tab will be around P 123.2 for that item, after both VAT and the service charge are added. Finally, in some cases, we quote prices "Nett", which means that whatever VAT and service charge are applicable are already included in that figure; hence, P 100 Nett means that your bill will be P 100. We apologize for any confusion this might cause, but assure you that all hotels in the country do (or should do) the same thing, with the difference that we actually pay our VAT taxes, and actually pay out the service charge to our employees, whereas some might not.