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The luxury of space, the gift of time.

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Discover a resort in a class of its own. Set in 11.4 hectares of secluded grounds, Plantation Bay offers one of the largest privately-owned waterways in the world, with the clean elegance of colonial-plantation architecture. Soothe away your daily cares and pressures in the healing tranquility of an environment that truly feels “away from it all.” If you have ever spent time at a tropical plantation, you know what we mean. If not, come and discover a refreshingly different Flavor of Life. Whether you’re traveling for a family vacation or romantic getaway, for business or pleasure, this is far and away your best choice in the Philippines.

The Luxury of Space.

At many so-called top resorts around the world, you are in fierce competition with other guests for limited space around the pool. And even if you queue up prior to pool opening-time, you might still wind up in the fourth row, with an allotment of two chaises-longues for your family of four.

Re-laaaax. Plantation Bay offers you more facilities, more space, and more separate lounging areas, than almost any other resort in the world.

The #1 choice of discriminating travelers. Year after year.

In most of its 20+ years of operation, Plantation Bay has enjoyed the highest occupancy of all international-class resorts in the Philippines – yes, better than ALL of them. This is without the benefit of a chain affiliation, and with almost zero expenditure on advertising and promotion. Why?

Plan A for Assuring Guest Satisfaction: Deliver a Superior Resort Experience

How much are your loved ones worth? Would you pay US$ 800 a night for the holiday of a lifetime? If you were going to the Seychelles or the Caribbean in high season, or to an “exclusive” destination in Asia, you might pay this much, or even more. Don’t allow yourself to get fooled into throwing away money. At Plantation Bay, you and your family will enjoy all the following features, at a much lower price than you’d expect.

  1. Within our price range in the country, we have the nicest rooms: bright, spacious, beautifully-furnished (many with mahogany 4-poster full-canopy king beds), many with panoramic views, almost all equipped with deep, shady verandas that will make you feel like a hacendero (plantation owner). The best bathrooms: separate shower, custom-made steeping tub, ample counter space, lovely stone and marble finishes. The most charming architecture: low-rise colonial plantation style, and (unlike most resorts, where you have to walk 10 minutes to get from your room to the pool) every room is only a short distance from lagoons, pools, sandy areas, trees, seafront, and myriad leisure facilities.
  2. Speaking of facilities, we have the most extensive facilities in the country (regardless of price range). At most resorts your visit is bipolar: room-pool, room-pool; and at the pool, hundreds of guests are lined up like sardines and the big thrill is to have an attendant come up and spray your face with Evian. At Plantation Bay, there are so many things to do, and so many corners to explore, that it never feels crowded, and some families spend a week but still feel they want more. One Swiss family with two young boys liked it so much they stayed two months!
  3. Transparency. As you will see from this website, we go to great lengths to explain in advance what our rooms are like, what kind of view to expect, and what our food and services cost. Read carefully, and you will have no surprises when you arrive.
  4. Safety. No child has ever come to serious harm inside Plantation Bay, or suffered much worse than cuts and bruises. Not a single one of our principal competitors in Mactan can claim this. In addition, our layout immediately reassures parents that their older, responsible children can be allowed to wander around by themselves (just like in olden days). This leaves the adults free to relax and to enjoy alone-time with each other (wink, wink), without having to consign the kids to a sterile children’s center.
  5. Outstanding food. In the matter of food, most hotels put all their effort into presentation, and none into taste. Our chefs are, to put it kindly, presentation-challenged. If you are mainly impressed by sheer quantity of food, or by cute garnish, go to one of our competitors. If your mouth has been around the block a few times, come to us. From fried bananas to fritto misto, from suckling pig to shrimp tempura, we do it right. Not always pretty, but right. Click here to see some of the dishes we’re most proud of, and why.
  6. We have the friendliest and most helpful staff, and a strict No-Tipping Policy so you can relax and enjoy yourself, without having to constantly worry about whom, when, or how much to tip. Come, and find out for yourself.

Plan B for Assuring Guest Satisfaction: Be Honest.

But now, some candid talk. There are some kinds of traveler who will NOT be happy at Plantation Bay. Before you go any further, let’s get Plantation Bay’s NEGATIVES out of the way. Click here for a frank discussion.

99.9% of our guests have a great time here. A very small minority are miserable. If any of the following are very important to you or describe your situation, please book in another hotel:

  1. Beach dimensions. Our open-sea beachfront is 88 meters long, compared with 200 meters or so for typical hotels around the world of this size. There is no adjacent beach either; ours is a separate cove. However, the waters are exceptionally clear, and there are living reefs and a diving wall very close to shore. Conscious that we are beach-challenged, we built extensive internal lagoons plus four freshwater swimming pools of varying designs. Because of the lagoons, a large percentage of our rooms enjoy an expansive view of water, and most of our rooms are closer to the action compared with the typical resort. The Rooms section on this website clearly discloses what kind of view and proximity to beach, lagoon, or swimming pool you can expect from each room.
  2. Artificiality. Plantation Bay is a man-made environment. The lagoons have a cement floor and occasionally need to be drained for cleaning. The waterfall is powered by pumps. Much “rockwork” is cement or plastic. Most guests quickly forget these details, but some people just can’t get over them. On the other hand, our lagoons are a lot cleaner and safer than a real seawater lagoon would be.
  3. Nature-ality. Plantation Bay is laid out like a village. This means walking in open air, or taking a golf cart. Sometimes the sun is hot, and sometimes you may get wet. Sometimes the carts are slow. There are mosquitoes in the air, but also sometimes the scent of jasmine. We think this is much more interesting than walking down long corridors that look and smell the same as those in midtown city hotels, but not everyone agrees.
  4. Typical hotel prices and policies. Our beer costs P 220 (about $4); laundry for a shirt is P 230 (about $4). Full buffet breakfast is P 1200 (about $21); an ala carte American breakfast is P 480 (about $8). We do not insult your intelligence by claiming to offer “free” breakfast; rather, we give each guest the option, every morning, to have the buffet, the ala carte, whatever, and to pay only for what was consumed. Still, some guests have complained about our prices (honestly, we can’t figure out what their frame of reference is). Click here to see illustrative costs of food and various services in the hotel. There have also been a few guests who, having paid $160 for one room, felt entitled to invite all their local relatives to come swim, and became angry when we disagreed. Click here for our policies on room occupancy, bringing in food, and friends and visitors.
  5. Friendly Reminder. We are not like other Filipinos. Plantation Bay is one of the very few hotels in the world that proactively and strictly defends our guests' right to peace and quiet (don't you wish airlines, airports, restaurants, and other public venues would do the same?)

    Audible electronics and prolonged tele-conversations are not permitted in our restaurants. Electronics are prohibited altogether inside the Spa, without exception. Parents with children are expected to ensure that they do not disturb others; and if you are unable to control your infants and children, you may be asked to leave a facility or even the hotel.

    If this seems "fascist" to you, please try another hotel. We WILL enforce these principles, because we firmly believe that the vast majority of our guests will have a much more enjoyable holiday if we do so. For every guest who argues that he should be free to disturb others as much as he likes, we have a hundred who are ecstatic that, finally, someone is willing to speak up against incivility and discourtesy. And that's how we can have a resort that is family-friendly, couples-friendly, corporate-friendly, singles-friendly, and LGBTQ-friendly, all at the same time.

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Plan C for Assuring Guest Satisfaction: The Plantation Bay Room and Restaurant Satisfaction Guarantee.

Do you consider yourself a smart shopper? How can you tell if a hotel is really as good as it claims on its website? That its room price is fair? Or if its rapturous reviews are by real customers, not by paid consumer-review sweat shops? How often have you booked at a hotel, and upon arrival immediately found the hotel was nothing like the claims, but you and your loved ones were now stuck in an inferior, overpriced hotel, for all the days you reserved? Wouldn’t it be great if a hotel would let you change your mind or just check out early without trying to take advantage of you? Is there any hotel in the entire world honest enough, and confident enough, to let you off the hook, absolutely without penalty?

Yes, there is. And as far as we know, just one. In the entire world. We want all our guests to be satisfied with their choice to come here, and almost everyone is, so we can afford to be liberal with the very few who aren’t. Plantation Bay is the only hotel in the world with a ”Just Don’t Like It” money-back guarantee on rooms. Click here for details.

The Plantation Bay Room and Restaurant Satisfaction Guarantee. We would like all our guests to feel they made the right choice in coming here. And most of our guests do, so we can afford to be liberal with those who don’t:

Immediate change of heart after checking in. If after arrival you do not think you would enjoy your stay, please advise us (by calling a Duty Manager or the Front Office Manager) within 4 hours of checking in, and we will do the following:

  1. Waive your room charge for the day (but not your charges for food, goods, or services if any);
  2. In case you made any advance payment or deposit, even for peak or blackout periods,
    the entire amount will be refunded to you by the same method/channel you used to pay;
  3. Help you book at another hotel in metropolitan Cebu; and
  4. Provide you with free chauffeur-driven transportation to that hotel;
  5. The provisions of this guarantee do not apply to guests refused check-in or ejected, for either obnoxious behavior or refusal to comply with the Resort’s policies. Plantation Bay does not suffer ill-mannered guests or those who think they can intimidate the natives. By not wasting our time and energy on a few unreasonable guests, we leave our management and staff in good humor to serve normal guests better. If we do reject or eject you, after you have paid us in full for all the goods and services you have consumed, we will escort you to our front gate and bid you goodbye.

You must, however, actually come. Our normal policies apply to no-shows and reservation cancellations made prior to check-in.

Early departure vis-à-vis the number of nights reserved. If after staying a day or more during a non-peak and non-blackout period, you decide to cut short your reserved stay, you will only be charged for the days actually stayed (you must of course leave by 12 Noon, our standard check-out time). In case you made any advance payment or deposit, the unused balance will be refunded to you in Philippine peso equivalent. Please note however that if you were accorded a discount due to the length of stay booked, an early departure may disqualify you from the discount, and the rate for the days you actually stayed will be calculated accordingly. This section does not apply to peak dates or dates that are “blacked out”, i.e., dates for which advance payment in full is required (roughly 30 days a year are peak or blackout dates); in respect of such dates, no refunds will be given for early departures.

Unsatisfactory food. When dining or drinking at any of our restaurants (but not our dinner shows or open buffets), if after eating or drinking 25% or less of the serving, any dish or drink is not to your absolute satisfaction, please advise our staff and there will be no charge for it. (We will of course offer you alternatives.) Please do this instead of just grousing about your meal later, when we can no longer ascertain exactly what the problem was or whether any staff member warrants correction.

Click to hide Room and Restaurant Satisfaction Guarantee.

And, regardless of the purpose of your visit, the one element that sets Plantation Bay apart from all the others is the absolutely authentic “feel” it recreates – like distilled Essence of Plantation Living, suffused with a sense of serenity and timelessness that you will remember and want to come back to.

Recent awards and recognitions

Sample Prices

(in Philippine Peso)


Policies on room occupancy, bringing in food, and friends and visitors.

Room Occupancy

The hotel has generous limits for the maximum occupancy of our various rooms. These limits are for guest safety and comfort, as well as to avoid excessive wear and tear. Please respect these limits and do not entertain visitors or bring extra persons into your hotel guest room except for brief periods during the day but not later than 6 PM, or this will occasion an Undeclared Guest charge of $100 per person per day.

Friends and Visitors

While of course you are welcome to invite local friends and relatives to see you or dine with you at the resort, for visitors who wish to use the lagoons, swimming pools, or other leisure facilities there will be a per person charge of $25 nett per person (children aged 0-12 are charged half) per day.

Should the hotel discover that your unregistered visitors are using the facilities, a $100 fine per person (regardless of age) per day will be charged. Use of our facilities for registered visitors is from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Bringing in of Food

Plantation Bay is a 5-star resort and not a public picnic ground or beer garden. Guests are welcome to bring in moderate quantities of food but not so much as to constitute a party or a picnic, which would adversely affect the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the resort. Pre-cooked food in pots or plasticware is explicitly covered by this policy. Except for snacks, such food should not be consumed outside your guestroom, and not on your balcony. If, in the hotel’s sole opinion, you have brought in or consumed an amount of food in excess of “moderate”, corkage charges will be applied. A Cleanup and Trash Disposal Fee of $200 per room per day will also be imposed.

Smoking and bringing in products with lingering odor

There are designated smoking areas spread around the resort. Smoking and e-cigarettes, durian, kimchi, and other products which leave a lingering odor are not permitted in guest rooms, balconies, building common areas, and any areas used for dining or relaxing. Failure to observe these prohibitions will occasion a US$200 per day or occurrence special cleaning charge.