I enjoyed the ambience, tidiness, and privacy of the resort. You have a great customer service team. Good job by Maddie and Cheska! I miss the buffet option but maybe on my next visit.

Abella, J., Returning Overseas Filipino from SF, California, USA, stayed August 2020

Perfect place to unwind after a very tiring day.. we can relax to the fullest.. quite place and we love the atmosphere.

L. Ramirez, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

I miss Plantation Bay. Nice place, clean, and good for relaxing.

M. Ludwig, via Facebook, August 2020

I enjoyed my 1-month stay in your resort. The ambience is great! The hospitality and courteousness of the staff is commendable. For me it’s almost perfect!

Punag, L., from Cebu City, stayed July to August 2020

Your next journey to a paradise! An amazing place to visit; friendly staff. Excellent hotel resort for your vacation. Perfect for relaxation and a good place to unwind.

T. Sandugo, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

Loved it .. Inside out!

Ron Gabs, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

Nice place to be…good service. you can relax and chill.

C. Gaas, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

I appreciated most the nice and accommodating staff here. They are very friendly. The ambience of the resort is amazing. The lagoons are great. Your rooms are cozy.

Gorduiz, B., Returning Overseas Filipino from Doha, Qatar, stayed August 2020

Great place for relaxation; quiet rooms.

C. Jayme, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

My stay in your hotel was for transit reason but I do appreciate the immediate result relayed by the Front Desk staff that made my 2nd day with positive relief. God is good. Thank you!

Crisanto, S., Returning Overseas Filipino from Los Angeles, USA, stayed July 2020

Thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable experience! You have nice people! Your resort has amazing views and great ambience. It is so relaxing and quiet.

Cayabyab, M., Returning Overseas Filipino from Toronto, CND, stayed July 2020

Thank you very much. I enjoyed sleeping in your very neat place. I am very happy of your good service. The ladies in the reception talked politely and gently. God bless Plantation Bay.

Chukwudi, J., Returning Overseas Filipino from Los Angeles, USA, stayed July 2020

We appreciated the pleasant and quiet surroundings. We loved the courteous and friendly staff; warm people! We will come back here with our family once travel is allowed.

Columna, C and M., Returning Overseas Filipino from SF, USA, stayed July 2020

Rooms are very nice and comfortable. The staff are all professional and friendly. They always attend to our requests.

Padilla, C. and J., Returning Overseas Filipino from SF, USA, stayed July 2020


  • Staff were very nice and helpful. The resort has lots of activities for everyone specially the kids; very family-oriented resort. The kids enjoyed everything!

    Araneta, G., Family from USA, stayed February 2020

  • The ambience is super nice since there is a huge lagoon. It was also nice to swim comfortably in huge pool area. We are able to relax. We enjoyed shopping and facial treatments in the spa. Thank you.

    Suwama, R., Family from Japan, stayed February 2020

  • The aesthetics and ambience of the resort is awesome but the service and hospitality of the staff were more than what we expected.

    Shin, M.Y., Family from Korea, stayed February 2020

  • We really had a great time in this hotel. So I thank you so much for everything. We will come here again. We love the lagoon and the atmosphere. We played in the pool for 3 hours! We enjoyed the spa and water bike.

    T.Nakayama, Family from Nagano, JPN, stayed January 2020

  • We enjoyed the Japanese Ladies Program. I wish PB continues this package. We would like to come back. All staff were very friendly. Foods were delicious. The shower in our room was nice.

    T.Tamami, Friends from Tokyo, JPN, stayed January 2020

  • It is nice that there are Korean staff. The water for washing the feet in front of the room was always filled. Staff were kind. Our room was cleaned very well. The drinking water was replenished every day.

    Lim, J.A., Family from S.Korea, stayed January 2020

  • Very relaxing and beautiful ambience! All the staff are very friendly and accommodating. There are lots of activities that are offered here. Great resort and spa! I am so grateful to Krista. She helped me with rebooking my flight. She is highly recommended for excellent customer service.

    B.M.T., Family from the U.S., stayed December 2019

  • We were very happy and satisfied with our stay. We enjoyed the facilities and activities specially our children who enjoyed swimming in the freshwater swimming pools. The food is great too!

    Ju, K.H., Family from S. Korea, stayed December 2019

  • We are a family of 5 vacationing. Personnel who patiently and professionally checked us in and transferred us to our rooms and bellboys were all nice and friendly. The free use of amenities and the No Tipping policy is so cool which is less stress for us.

    Victa, G., Family from the U.S., stayed December 2019

  • I have been here more than 5 times but it was my first time to stay in a One Bedroom Suite. Thank you for giving me a very nice room and also for the complimentary cake!

    Suk, M. , Family from Daegu, S. Korea, stayed November 2019

  • Excellent customer service. Rooms are upgraded, specially the showers! The place is clean. Bird show is great! We were here for the birthday of our daughter.

    Ng, C., Family from Cebu City, stayed October 2019

  • Your staff is worth tipping but your no tipping policy restricted us from showing our appreciation for an excellent service. Salute to the friendly atmosphere set by the staff. They are courteous and polite.

    R.S., Family from L.A, stayed September 2019

  • We love everything in Plantation Bay! This is one resort that every time we visit we do not want to leave.

    J.M.S., Family from Cebu, stayed August 2019

  • The place, the views, the ambience....the whole package of the resort is simply great! We plan to come back soonest.

    E.R., Family from Cebu, stayed August 2019

  • I was very happy to see that my room was very lovely and bright, your staff added flowers and chocolates as my welcome gift. Even though my English is not very good, I was greeted and treated with excellent service. I cannot wait to tell my friends in Japan about Plantation Bay. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

    K.S., family from Japan, stayed August 2019

  • This had been the most memorable stay we have ever had as a family. Who would believe that this is the place where I met my husband and here we are now with our first born. The ambience and food never cease to amaze me. Thank you Plantation Bay for helping us create memories that will last a lifetime.

    J.A., family from Cebu, stayed August 2019

  • Everything was delightful! The spa and restaurants were amazing, music at Alien Abduction was great too. We cannot wait to spend our next family vacation next year.

    B.Z., family from US, stayed July 2019

  • All staff are courteous and helpful. We had a very good time despite the rainy weather. We love the food in Palermo Restaurant and the themed dinner buffet with show.

    N.C., family from U.K., stayed July 2019

  • We had a wonderful 3-night stay in Plantation Bay, even my husband who is extremely hard to please said that we will definitely come back. The room size was just perfect! The beds, the pillows were the best and we had good sleep all throughout our stay. Not to mention, the impeccable service! All staff were friendly and smiling, it really gave a big impact. I have nothing to good things to say about your service, it was exemplary. Truly a 5-star resort.

    L.A., family from Canada, stayed June 2019

  • Plantation Bay is the only place we come back to every time we visit Cebu. We cannot put the exact words to describe the resort but this place is what we call “paradise”.

    A.B., family from Manila, stayed June 2019

  • Best hotel ever! We normally name a few staff who contributed in giving us a wonderful stay but in Plantation Bay, it’s impossible! Every staff member always impresses me. The best hotel with the best service.

    E.D.R., family from Australia, stayed May 2019

  • Amazing sunset, breakfast, music, and ambience. Plantation Bay is the ideal resort for my family. My children loves swimming in your lagoons and we had a great time biking around the resort. Thank you Plantation Bay for this memorable weekend.

    M.H., family from Japan, stayed May 2019

  • What a great way to start summer, we enjoyed our first time snorkelling and this will be part of our journey in discovering Mother Nature. No words can describe how professional all the staff were, we received exceptional service during our short vacation. If anyone wants to have an excellent vacation, Plantation Bay is definitely for you.

    Z.R.T., family from Canada, stayed April 2019

  • It has been a pleasure staying in Plantation Bay! Thank you for your continuing effort to make the experience a good one!

    N.B., family from Davao, stayed April 2019

  • I would like to raise my hat to Plantation Bay for the wonderful, pleasant, and polite staff. We left the restaurants with a smile and we were very comfortable to go around knowing that we will be assisted anywhere.

    L.E., family from USA, stayed March 2019

  • All staff were happy to serve, their smiles are contagious. We enjoyed interacting with them as much as we enjoyed the recreational activities in the resort. We felt the warm welcome and very at home. Thank you Plantation Bay for this amazing experience!

    J.D., family from USA, stayed February 2019

  • We had an amazing stay! Service is wonderful especially during the coral reef encounter, dining is amazing too! Wifi is awesome, there is no password require. Talk about the interior decorations, they are beautiful, it feels like home away from home. And you have the most outstanding and courteous staff. There is nothing that we don’t love about this place!

    M.H., family from Cebu, stayed January 2019

  • The best New Years Eve celebration we have witnessed! I am so happy I decided to bring my family to Cebu.

    T.H., family from Japan, stayed January 2019

  • Whale Shark Adventure took 3 hours but it was very much worth it. The experience of swimming with the whale shark is once in a lifetime. We love that the hotel incorporated this activity with our booking.

    Y.N., family from Japan, stayed January 2019

  • We had a wonderful stay in Plantation Bay. The rooms were fresh and clean, excellent service were shown by all staff all around (from restaurants, housekeeping, receptionists, everyone), the swimming facilities are just divine. We also loved the different restaurant that served different cuisines, one of the restaurant is even open for 24 hours (very convenient). We had access to all saltwater and freshwater lagoons, my children was out under the sun the entire afternoon while I was able to relax with my husband. Thank you giving me and my family an incredible time in Cebu!

    J.M.G., family from USA, stayed January 2019

  • The staff hospitality in Plantation Bay is the best. They are all so kind and polite. My experience here is beyond my expectation and I cannot wait to be back.

    L.R., family from Manila, stayed December 2018

  • We came to Cebu because we wanted to treat our children to a staycation in a 5-star resort. The pools and the location of where our room was situated is near all the amenities. My family loves the layout of this resort! We are all so impressed with your trust-worthy staff and we cannot wait to be back.

    A.S., family from Manila, stayed November 2018

  • Outstanding privacy and security in Plantation Bay. I have seen enough, felt enough and experienced enough! This is a world-class resort and 5-star at its best. Thank you Plantation Bay.

    A.S., family from Davao, stayed November 2018

  • Fresh water pools were great. The view outside our room was very relaxing. I love this resort.

    J.O., family from Negros, stayed October 2018

  • We stayed in the lagoon side room for more than 2 days and we could have enjoyed the resort more if we had more time. All staff were very accommodating from check-in to check-out. They even offered to help take care of my baby so I can enjoy the spa. Keep it up with your no tipping policy, I would say that every “thank you” response we receive from you is very sincere. Thank you Plantation Bay for the amazing experience, all staff were wonderful.

    M.O., family from Makati, stayed October 2018

  • The amenities, service, staff and are courteous and very polite. Totally relaxed when I had my vacation here with my entire family. I would recommend this place to all my friends and family back home.

    S.W., family from Australia stayed September 2018

  • Plantation Bay is an amazing resort. We really love the amenities and the good service you offer. As Japanese, we felt so safe and secure. We also had a great time at your themed dinner buffet and took many pictures during the show.

    D.K., family from Japan stayed September 2018

  • My family and I enjoyed snorkeling at the beach, the water was great. We enjoyed all kinds of pools that you have everywhere. The room was also clean, fresh, and very comfortable. We were all very rested. Thank you for all the good service.

    R.K, family from Japan stayed September 2018

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  • We appreciated the pleasant and quiet surroundings. We loved the courteous and friendly staff; warm people! We will come back here with our family once travel is allowed.

    Columna, C. and M., Couple from SF, USA, stayed July 2020

  • Rooms are very nice and comfortable. The staff are all professional and friendly. They always attend to our requests.

    Padilla, C. and J., Returning Overseas Filipino from SF, USA, stayed July 2020

  • Pleasant, friendly and professional staff who are proud of their work and what they do. The resort has a real plantation feel; very relaxing, well-maintained facilities and very clean including public restrooms. They deliver prompt and courteous service at dining facilities, at front desk, bell service and even at the airport with their representatives. Tales Of Plantation Bay is a great read!

    We enjoyed Mogambo Springs spa which surpassed our experience in exclusive spas in NYC and in 5star hotel spas in Vegas. Excellent massage therapists namely Rocel, Joanna, Maita and one other foot reflexology therapist (my husband forgot her name ) and Angel who gave me the best foot pampering and pedicure I’ve ever had.

    Nonaka, A., Couple from Japan, stayed February 2020

  • Thank you to the Japanese staff who helped us. Thank you to those who assisted us. We enjoyed our travel because of you. Staff are very kind. We had very delicious breakfast that we ate at our balcony.

    Nonaka, A., Couple from Japan, stayed February 2020

  • Everything was amazing. The staff greetings and smiles are nice. We were happy to find that our room was cleaned properly. We felt really comfortable.

    Ogawa, S., Couple from Japan, stayed February 2020

  • Staff are very kind and impressively nice specially Korean staff. We enjoyed various saltwater lagoons! Swimming pools are desirable since they are spacious. Everything was so joyful. We were here for vacation and to recharge.

    Jung, S.H., Couple from Busan, S. Korea, stayed January 2020

  • Our first impression of the hotel was simple than I expected. But after a few days, we were amazed that this resort was built up really well. Even though it is fully booked, the hotel does not look crowded. Lagoons are spacious and we were able to enjoy sunset at the beach. There are various activities for children. I enjoyed jogging around the resort. It was a fantastic jogging track for me and nice that I can run without any regulations.

    Lee, H.J., Couple from Seoul, S. Korea, stayed January 2020

  • The resort atmosphere is very good; also the restaurants. The service of each staff was very good. We had a very great stay! We enjoyed a lot. Thank you so much. We will come back here again.

    Maruyama, H., Couple from Fukuoka, Japan, stayed January 2020

  • We enjoyed the dance show at Kilimanjaro Kafe. Very nice staff!

    Fujiwara, M., Couple from Japan, stayed December 2019

  • The lagoons and pools are very accessible. We were able to bond in a very relaxing way. It’s a great stay with great staff and great facilities! We also love that there is no discrimination between locals and foreign guests. The staff are very nice specially Jimmy of Fiji restaurant. He is very courteous and kind. All staff seems to have a “Happy Pill” which makes us happy too.

    Ira, M., Couple from St. Albans, Victoria, Australia, stayed December 2019

  • The Filipino breakfast theme was really good. Your service and staff is very accommodating and kind. The lagoons and freshwater swimming pools are marvellous. I will be back next year.

    Yamada, Y., Japan, stayed December 2019

  • We came here for honeymoon. Thank you for the rose, cake and wine even though we cannot drink alcohol. It was our first time in the Philippines and we can say that it was the best trip we had. It was a lot of fun. We will come back again. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

    Ogawa, M., Couple from Tokyo, Japan, stayed November 2019

  • Your facility felt like heaven on earth! We enjoyed the food, their beautiful scenery and friendly staff. This is the dream hotel of my fiance'.

    Eckenrode, P., Couple from Maryland, USA, stayed November 2019

  • We really enjoyed every bit of our stay. We stayed in the Spa immersion Room for our honeymoon. The massage was great at the Mogambo Springs. We also enjoyed at Alien Abduction.

    Sacris, A., Couple from Cebu City, stayed October 2019

  • It is very apparent you have a great training program for the employees. They are always smiling and greeting us every time we meet them. Room cards are great publicity tools! people would put them in their scrapbooks. Our water is automatically replenished everyday. We had a wonderful stay.

    Harmon, J., Couple from USA, stayed October 2019

  • Service was fantastic. We love the physics, galaxy, and science fiction themed bar on top of Kilimanjaro Kafe. It was a stand out for us hanging out in Alien Abduction (the bar at the resort). There were 3 ladies at the bar who rendered exceptional service and enthusiasm.

    S.S., couple from US, stayed August 2019

  • There are a lot of things and activities to do as a couple and as a family: There is a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport which is very convenient for travellers like me, the sale, the salt water swimming lagoon was big enough to fit all the guests to enjoy the facility, good selection of food and wine, and last but not the least, they have the most friendly and courteous staff.

    S.R., couple from Australia, stayed July 2019

  • I had a very swift check-in and check-out . The hotel communicates very well to Japanese guest like me who can’t read and write English. All their restaurants have Japanese-translated menu and they have many signs to tell you where to go. Plantation Bay is our favorite resort in the Philippines.

    T.N., couple from Japan, stayed July 2019

  • We wanted to relax and get away from the busy city and we were very happy we chose Plantation Bay. We had a very restful weekend. Great food and very accommodating staff all around.

    G.P., couple from Davao, stayed June 2019

  • Nice place to be in. Almost 100% of the people working at Plantation Bay were Filipinos. They are all educated, sophisticated, friendly, and accommodating. Hospitality at its finest!

    L.N., couple from Vietnam, stayed June 2019

  • Plantation Bay has given me and my wife an excellent holiday experience, we celebrated our first year anniversary and I am so happy to choose this resort to celebrate our love. Everything was exceptional from food, rooms, service, and the homey feel we get everytime we come here. This is the reason why we keep coming back.

    A.T., couple from Manila, stayed May 2019

  • What an unforgettable experience! Words cannot explain how happy I am to choose Plantation Bay for our honeymoon. Beautiful and eco-friendly resort, my wife and I never felt so comfortable. We bonded over meals and swimming.

    E.T., couple from California, stayed May 2019

  • We found out about the resort through Instagram and I’m happy to say that Plantation Bay exceeded all our expectations.

    H.L., couple from Manila, stayed April 2019

  • We have a hard time talking in English because we are Japanese, but even so, staff were always willing to go out of their way to help us. We are very happy with our short honeymoon in Plantation Bay.

    M.Y., couple from Japan, stayed April 2019

  • We are always happy to travel to places that serve delicious food. We did not have to go out, we stayed at Plantation Bay for 3 nights. All staff were friendly and kind. Plantation Bay is our favorite resort in the Philippines.

    A.Y., couple from Japan, stayed March 2019

  • We came back to Cebu to visit our family, they brought us to Plantation Bay. My husband and I were blown away by your hospitality. Congratulations for job well done, this is the best resort in the Philippines and we cannot wait to bring other friends from Canada.

    M.C., couple from Canada, stayed February 2019

  • Thank you for arranging the surprise cake, I was surprised with how you found out it was my birthday. I had the best vacation, birthday celebration, and honeymoon altogether. I don’t ever want to leave this resort.

    C.N., couple from Australia, stayed February 2019

  • We cannot stop raving about your man-made salt water lagoon. It feels so good to be surrounded with water. We love that the resort is quite and private, it felt like a honeymoon part 2. The staff are always ready to go out of their way to make our stay very comfortable and enjoyable.

    I.S., couple from New Zealand, stayed January 2019

  • Everyone went above and beyond to make our experience enjoyable. I brought my wife and 3 daughters, we live in New York and we loved the relaxing atmosphere in Plantation Bay.

    J.C., couple from New York, stayed January 2019

  • Great and awesome hotel! Everyone was very efficient and friendly. Customer satisfaction at its best. We have never been to a hotel that gave use pure relaxation. Thank you Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

    J.G., couple from Australia, stayed December 2018

  • 5-star service and facilities. We did not even notice that there was a draining of the lagoon until we were told, we appreciate the honesty of the resort and the kind Korean staff that assisted us all throughout our stay.

    J.Y., couple from Korea, stayed December 2018

  • Everyone was so courteous. The rooms were clean and neat, our stay was very comfortable. Even if I had a hard time communicating with staff, they were still very helpful in accommodating our requests.

    R.M., couple from Japan, stayed November 2018

  • This is the best resort I have been to. I love your 24 hours swimming and dining facility. The layout or this resort is simply amazing! I will advertise you to my country and friends. Thank you for the great experience.

    C.C., couple from Houston Texas, stayed October 2018

  • Excellent bakery! My spa experience was very good as well. I am so happy with your breakfast at Kilimanjaro Kafe – we had the Philippine Streetfood breakfast and it was presented so beautifully. I cannot wait to be back!

    D.M., Russian couple based in US, stayed October 2018

  • This vacation is my best experience and the best resort in my life! I cannot wait to come back. See you soon Plantation Bay.

    H.L., couple from Japan stayed September 2018

  • We were blown away by your boat team when we went on island hopping. They attended to us us very well and took care of all our needs. Plantation Bay has excellent service and we would have to commend every outlet and department of this hotel. We enjoyed the physical layout the buildings and the sprawling lagoons everywhere, they are beautiful.

    H. P. R, couple from Australia stayed September 2018

  • Housekeeping in Plantation Bay is very attentive, they cater all our requests. My husband and I loved our stay, it was a fantastic honeymoon experience.

    H.K., couple from Korea stayed September 2018

  • The place is relaxing, clean, neat and organized. We cannot ask for a better vacation where it feels like home.

    M.A., couple from Cebu, stayed August 2018

  • This is our first travel abroad and we made such good memories in your resort. The kindness of your staff and the warmth in each smile was the best part. We had a romantic dinner in Fiji restaurant and we had a very relaxing massage in Mogambo Springs.

    H.Y., Couple from Korea, stayed August 2018

  • Our time here was too short! We will most certainly make sure we lengthen our stay next the next time. Your quality of service is above excellent, the place, the architecture, and most especially the people was incredible and close to perfect!

    K.B., couple from Texas, stayed July 2018

  • Besides the excellent service throughout the hotel, Mogambo Springs is a beautiful and peaceful place. Very well designed and though out, this is our favorite spa in the world.

    R.C., couple from New York, stayed July 2018

  • We could swim at night and still feel very secure, we love the warm water and we are very happy about the complimentary airport transfers. You have a wonderful resort and the best swimming facilities. Looking forward till the next vacation.

    E.J., couple from Korea, June 2018

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  • Thank you to all staff at Plantation Bay for making our wedding the best ever and for making our stay and the stay of our guests a memorable one. I’m sad we are leaving the resort and all the friendly staff today. I will certainly go back home to Australia to let all our friends and family know what an amazing time we had at the resort and will highly recommend the resort to anyone who is looking at having a destination wedding.

    Mr. & Mrs. B.C., Sydney, AUS, Wedding on January 2020

  • The food was delicious! Very good accommodation, check-in and check-out was smooth. Our guests enjoyed so much. I love the honesty and resourcefulness of your staff.

    E.P., Wedding, late December 2019

  • Everything was excellent! I highly recommend this place.

    Labangon Bliss Elementary School Christmas Outing 2019

  • Thank you for accommodating us. We love the place so much and so with the food. Thank you to Ms. Olya for being kind to us. She did great! Hoping to spend the next year’s Christmas Party with you all...same place and same staff of Plantation Bay!

    Mactan Air Base Elementary School Christmas Outing 2019

  • All of the services were very good. The staff were very polite and accommodating.

    Accenture Intelligent Operations Centers- Cebu Team Building, November 2019

  • Our coordinator Ms. Sandra rendered superb service. She was there to assist us. Definitely on our next event we will book at Plantation Bay. More power and continue to offer the best customer service and experience to your customers. Our team's experience was beyond our expectations.

    Anytime Fitness Team Building, October 2019

  • Our stay at Plantation Bay had been an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. It had met everyone’s expectations. The staff is most helpful, friendly and courteous. They were extremely accommodating, ready to offer their services when needed. Our party at the Alcatraz Ballroom was very successful; food was excellent, set-up was impressive!

    Milestone Birthday Celebration, August 2019

  • We appreciate Plantation Bay for the providing us with exceptional service during our event. Our overall experience was all we ever hoped for. All employees and organizers were very happy with the outcome.

    Cargill Oil Miles Philippines Inc. Meeting, July 2019

  • We had a blast during our Team Building at Plantation Bay. It was a fantastic experience for our Electrical Department. Thank you for taking care of us every step of the way.

    Fluor Daniel Inc. Philippines Team Building, June 2019

  • Our daytour experience at Plantation Bay was fabulous. The resort never felt crowded even if there were many guests that day. Thank you for assigning Savannah Gazebo as our holding area, it was a perfect secluded spot for us. We appreciate the water station, extra chairs that were prepared by your staff. Our venue was within reach to our archery, wall climbing, and shooting range. A big thanks to every department for making our summer outing very memorable.

    Authors Solution Summer Outing, June 2019

  • All of your staff are outstanding. We were welcomed with big smiles and they attended to our needs effectively. Lunch arrangement was very delicious, everyone was so full and satisfied. Thank you very much to Plantation Bay for giving us a great time!

    Sebastian Hotel Summer Outing, May 2019

  • We are very pleased with the service starting from the meeting until the event finished. All our visitors went home happy. The venue was impressive and unexpected. Thank you Plantation Bay for giving us a wedding of a lifetime.

    S.J.G couple Paris, stayed April 2019

  • Everyone certainly had such an amazing time and even till today we still cannot get over the fun and excitement we experienced in Plantation Bay. All of the staff were friendly and even if it was just a day trip, the place felt like home.

    Exposure Ninja Summer Outing, stayed March 2019

  • We were so impressed on how responsive your sales team is, from the initial inquiry, up to the time we stayed at your resort. They were fast and always gave a positive response that made me feel confident. I was not wrong, we had a wonderful time at Plantation Bay, thank you.

    ITeam Global Incentive Trip, stayed March 2019

  • We had the best wedding in Plantation Bay! Thanks to all your help. Your staff were very attentive, professional, and accommodating from start to end. Great food and the best atmosphere for all kinds of events!

    Wedding, stayed last February 2019

  • The coordinators were very professional, they given us full support and hospitality. I am impressed with their dedication to making our event very successful. They went beyond the extra mile to give the best expereince to all the delegates of The World Robot Olympians Friendship 2018.

    Felta Multi-Media Inc. World Robot Olympians, stayed September 2018

  • Hotel organizers were very friendly, efficient, accurate, accommodating, hospitable, and professional. The Delegates of the World Robot Olympian were very pleased with the entire stay at Plantation Bay. They gave us full support and even went the extra mile to make sure that both foreign and local delegates will have the best experience.

    Felta World Robot Olympian stayed August to September 2018

  • Every single one of the Plantation Bay staff deserves all the praises and commendations for a great job, they truly complete the puzzle for our search for a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Thank you for making us recharged to face more challenges in our everyday work. The greatest asset you have is your ability to communicate at a high level. Plantation Bay is perfect!

    Incentive Trip for People’s General Insurance Company, July 2018

  • Plantation Bay was responsive in our every need. The staff possess exemplary service especially in attaining our requests from banquet service to registration, the assisted us from beginning to end.

    Concrete Solutions Inc Family Day, stayed last June 2018

  • We were very happy throughout the entire preparation and planning stage with Plantation Bay. Everything we had hoped for was executed very well. The organizers were very informative and never turned down a phone call when we needed to clarify information with them. All the staff are always happy to serve and we look forward to being here again.

    Loreal Wave 20/21 UAT, stayed June 2018

  • Overall experience was very good! All our concerns and needs were attended to from start to finish. We had a smooth transaction. My team really enjoyed the time spent at your resort! The staff assisted us with smiles and it was very pleasant to witness happy staff. Definitely a great outing for our team! Thumbs up!

    Fluor Daniel Inc. PH, June 2018

  • Outstanding staff, all praises for swift Amazing Race game, check-in and out was swift and we did not encounter any challenges, banquet waiters were very attentive. We certainly had a blast!

    Primary Properties, June 2018

  • The staff were very warm, accommodating, and courteous. Thank you Plantation Bay for the superb service! Till our next adventure.

    Jollibee Foods Corporation, May 2018

  • I enjoyed the most spirit of joy and service from the staff of Plantation Bay. It feels like home and we received the most warmth from staff who treated us life family. Service was such a delight. We loved everything from the interiors of the room to the scenic ambience of the resort.

    35th Anniversary Prosel Pharmaceuticals & Dist., Inc., June 2018

  • Thank you, Plantation Bay! We greatly enjoyed our stay in your hotel! Everything is nice, especially the staff! I would love to visit your hotel again and again and again!

    S.M., Mai and Sho Wedding, stayed March 2018

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  • Perfect place to unwind after a very tiring day.. we can relax to the fullest.. quite place and we love the atmosphere.

    L. Ramirez, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

  • I miss Plantation Bay. Nice place, clean, and good for relaxing.

    M. Ludwig, via Facebook, August 2020

  • Lots of activities to do and superb staff.

    B. Saruvo, via Facebook, stayed February 2020

  • Your next journey to a paradise! An amazing place to visit; friendly staff. Excellent hotel resort for your vacation. Perfect for relaxation and a good place to unwind.

    T. Sandugo, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

  • Loved it .. Inside out!

    Ron Gabs, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

  • Nice place to be…good service. you can relax and chill.

    C. Gaas, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

  • Great place for relaxation; quiet rooms.

    C. Jayme, via Facebook, stayed August 2020

  • Lots of activities to do and superb staff.

    B. Saruvo, via Facebook, stayed February 2020

  • Very nice place and lot of enjoyable location to stay and have fun.

    B. Saruvo, via Facebook, stayed February 2020

  • The resort is very family friendly. It is well organized for newly-weds, couples, and groups. Also, the staff is incredibly polite and professional.

    K. Welchlin, via Facebook, stayed February 2020

  • One of the largest resorts I have ever seen with so many family friendly activities.

    J. Conning, via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • It is a beautiful place, the rooms are comfortable and the staff friendly and welcoming.

    J. Conning, via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • Best place to relax and unwind. Best customer service. Our family's pick.

    Anna B, via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • So amazing definitely worth a visit if going to cebu for a holiday.

    M. Stevart, via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • Best place for kids and a lot of activities for the whole family.

    J. Jordan, via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • A Tropical Garden Resort, very nice staff, rich food and fun projects. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the fun.

    P. Cheung, via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • Beautiful scenery, swimming pool resort.

    R. Yang, via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • I was able to call a wide and exclusive cart in one button, and I was able to swim in a lot of pool such as pool of the pool of the lagoon, and the activity of the kids was also full, and I had a lot of fun every day. And all the staff are smiling and greeted.

    Shimura, A., via Facebook, stayed January 2020

  • Nice rooms, friendly staff, nice selection of restaurants with fantastic food many free or reasonably priced activities...can't go wrong here!

    J. Brown, via Facebook, December 2019

  • Place is clean, a refreshing place to unwind from the stressful city environment. Employees are friendly, always smiling and very helpful. No tipping policy is great. Has one suggestion it will be nice if you put a bench at the entrance of the restaurants while you wait for the golf carts.

    R. Johnson, via Facebook, December 2019

  • This was the first time my wife and I have been to this place. We came here to visit her family in Dumaguete. We are from North Carolina on a vacation trip. We love this place so much that we are already planning to bring our whole family of 7 next year! Staff is absolutely the best. every sentence has either a mam or sir in it with a big smile. I wished our employees in the states had the same attitude as they have here. In my book that's the politest and respectable thing to say to anyone. This resort is awesome but I got to hand it to all the staff here. They are absolutely professional, well dressed, and an attitude so contagious that you cant help but smile and enjoy this beautiful place! Many Thanks!

    S. Miller, via Facebook, November 2019

  • Just had a Daytripper Adventure and it's worth it for a total affordable package.

    R. Rivlan, via Facebook, November 2019

  • Fantastic inclusive resort with plenty to offer. Excellent snorkeling and massive pools. Excellent restaurants and very scenic.

    M. Griffin, via Facebook, November 2019

  • The Immersion Spa package is an Awesome, relaxing & luxurious experience. We will be back with family for more quality moments

    L. Demitilo,via Facebook, October 2019

  • We stayed in this beautiful resort with unique layout and atmosphere for 5 nights. The staff were friendly, gentle, and always ready to help us. I cannot count the many things I love about Plantation Bay. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

    H.Y., via Facebook, stayed March 2019

  • I am very pleased with Fiji restaurant, incredible Japanese cuisine selection! I am a seasoned traveller and I was very impressed with the attention you put to all your food. Bravo!

    B.D.P., via Facebook, stayed February 2019

  • We love the tranquil environment and ambience. Plantation Bay has the most courteous employees.

    M.A., via Facebook, December 2018

  • Staff were friendly and courteous. Great amenities, delicious food, and great service! Recommended for all occasion.

    M.G., via Facebook, November 2018

  • Great spot. Room and food rates are reasonable and worth every penny. My kids and I loved it, snorkeling with a huge school of fish in the morning, kayaking in the afternoon with a lot of nice swimming amenities in the extensive lagoon.

    G.H., via Facebook, October 2018

  • This place is amazing, people are so welcoming and there is always something to look forward to. Thank you for a wonderful week. We will definitely be back next year.

    C.B, via Facebook October 2018

  • One of the finest resorts in the world. We had our wedding reception there!

    P. M., Via Facebook., May 2018

  • The Best! Accommodating and very friendly staff and a child-haven resort! Won't get tired of coming back here always and forever!

    K.C., Via Instagram., May 2018

  • Plantation Bay, the chillest place for me in Cebu!

    J.S., Via Instagram., May 2018

  • Plantation Bay is a league on its own. To say they have world-class service and facilities would be an understatement!

    R.M., Via Instagram., May 2018

  • Superb resort! Highly recommend Plantation bay to everyone!

    J.J., Via Facebook., March 2018

  • Beautiful resort and amenities. Stayed in one of the spa rooms. Aromatherapy massage was amazing! Food? Amazing!!! Chocolate ice cream is to die for! Pro tip: ask for a side of chocolate sauce!

    S.S. via Facebook, September 2017

  • Such a perfect resort for leisure. Great complimentary activities!

    X via Facebook, August 2017

  • We had an amazing stay at this resort. The place is good for family bonding. The staff are very friendly and accommodating and will provide for all your needs. Thank you very much, Plantation Bay!

    R.C. via Facebook, August 2017

  • Every angle is picture-perfect! There were many things to do and activities to enjoy. What we loved the most was the time we spent with each other while having good food and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. We ended our trip with wonderful memories. Another unforgettable experience that we will cherish forever! I’m sure this is not going to be our last visit.

    Joy via blog, July 2017

  • I was right in choosing the place to relax with my family. Truly an amazing place to spend a holiday. We had a very nice experience: staff are very accommodating with all smiles whenever you speak to them, room and facilities are very good, the food tastes great, really worth it all. And they really stick to their "No-Tipping Policy.” This is really a place worth recommending!!! Thank you to all the staff for making our short stay a memorable one.

    J.A. via Facebook, July 2017

  • My husband and I spent our honeymoon here. Everything was perfect. The place is spectacular, with really nice views, good food, and very accommodating staff. I really love it here, and I would love to visit this place again.

    C.A. via Facebook, June 2017

  • Overall experience was excellent from the staff to the ambience to the food to our check-in and check-out. Thanks, everyone! Highly recommended!

    S.A. via Facebook, June 2017

  • Customer service is impeccable! From booking a reservation, check-in, amenities, dining, water-sports and up until check-out, the staff we encountered were smiling and helpful and went out of the way to assist us and ensure we have a wonderful experience. Thanks to Danny, Win and Danielle, Jay and the rest of your amazing staff! Thumbs-up!

    S.S. via Facebook, May 2017

  • This is my second stay at Plantation Bay. On my first visit, the staff were incredibly polite and accommodating, and the hospitality they showed was second to none - this is the same treatment I received 6 years later. The best part of this trip was that I was allowed to bring my dog - Plantation Bay had no problem with my fur baby tagging along. Thank you again, Plantation Bay and staff. We can't wait to go back!

    J.T. via Facebook, May 2017

  • The resort's facilities were so nice, and the staff were very accommodating. My kids loved their stay. The place is so relaxing, and everything is well-maintained. The food is also very good. We have no regrets.

    A.A. via Facebook, April 2017

  • My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon here, and we were constantly amazed by our accommodation, the resort’s ambience, and the professional courtesy of their staff. The themed dinner was amazing. We loved the pools and had fun biking. My husband said he would give this resort a 6-star rating if it were possible. Kudos to the management and staff!

    M.H. via Facebook, April 2017

  • The staff at Plantation Bay is second to none. Never have I felt so welcomed or well taken care of by any staff or employee anywhere on earth. I would live here... and I honestly may work very hard for the next few years to be able to afford a lifestyle where I could live here! Thank you, Plantation Bay!

    T.C. via Google, January 2017

  • My husband and I have been coming here since 2007. We've become devotees of the Sto. Nino and during Sinulog, we always stay at Plantation Bay. Why? Because it offers a worry-free vacation, with courteous and friendly staff and many activities. The ambience is so relaxing it promotes the healing of one's self and even improves the relationship between husband and wife. Thank you, Plantation Bay!

    .A. via Facebook, January 2017

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