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These pictures were taken by a professional photographer looking for the best way to portray the hotel. We admit that. But if you want to see how Google satellite depicts Plantation Bay,

Plantation Bay has more water, more trees, and more space-per-guest than any other resort in Mactan. But don’t take our word for it. These pictures (of Shangri-La Mactan, Movenpick, JPark Island Resort and Waterpark, Crimson, and Plantation Bay) were all taken by Google Satellite, and are on exactly the same scale. See for yourself. (And, by the way, because of the extensive water and the profusion of deciduous trees, we’re also just a little bit cooler than other resorts!)

One of these hotels looks like an army barracks

One of them looks like three high-rise towers (and is)

One of them looks like a block of apartments

One of them looks like an amusement park.

… And one of them looks like Plantation Bay!



Kayaking in a Lagoon
Wandering Around the Resort
The Spa
Plantation Bay Welcomes 2024

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