Restaurants Categories

The coffee shop is surrounded by our gigantic swimming pool. Features international and Filipino favorites, a special children’s menu, and our world-famous Breakfast Buffet with different culinary themes for every day of the week.  (Open 24 hours daily.)
Situated by the hotel’s beachfront, Fiji offers both air-conditioned and open-air dining. Open for lunch and dinner, it serves seafood, Japanese, Korean and other Asian cuisine.  (Open 12 Noon – 3PM and 6PM – 11PM. Closed on Mondays.)
Palermo, our Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, is open for light breakfasts, great coffee all day, and Spanish tapas, steaks and Italian pastas for dinner. (Café Bar: Open 6AM – 11PM. Tapas and Pastas: Open 5PM – 11PM. Air conditioned. Closed on Wednesdays.)
Fast-food favorites with 5-star flair. We will stack our Powerhouse Burger (order it with everything on!) against anyone’s. The steaks literally melt in your mouth, and the stateside hotdogs are out of sight.  (Open 10AM – 8PM. Closed on Tuesdays.)
Perched atop our Kilimanjaro Kafé, sci-fi inspired Alien Abduction is both an ice cream parlor and a night club for the whole family. It offers commanding views of Plantation Bay, with great interiors and state-of-the-art lighting and music for a relaxed, chill vibe. You may never visit outer space, but you can still meet cute aliens at our futuristic watering hole. (Open 4PM-12MN. Closed on Mondays.)