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Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Aqua Rides

At Plantation Bay you’ll never run out of ways to ride in, on, or over the water in style. Motorboats, outrigger, inter-island cruises, jetskis, water-skiing, banana boats, parasailing.

Pools, Slides, and Much More

Plantation Bay is a symphony in water, with enough water features to keep most families happy for days on end. Four freshwater pools of outstanding design; water-slides; mist-caves; whirlpools; volcano fountains; bubble-benches; rainmakers; waterfalls of every size; and 2.3 hectares of saltwater lagoons for unlimited cavorting.

We’re pretty sure there’s no other resort in the world that offers as wide a selection of sun and water-related activities.

Other Sports
Other sports

Other Sports

And if you still have the time (and the strength), try these: archery, wall-climbing, golf pitch-and-putt, tennis (clay court), beach volleyball. . .

For serious golfers, we’ll be happy to arrange a round of golf at either of two local golf courses
(20 minutes to a nearby course, about 1.5 hours to either of two challenging ones).

Bird Watching

Venture out of your room and go on a wildlife adventure without leaving the resort. Just equip yourself with our field guide and binoculars (available at the Aqua Sports) and your camera, and discover the joy of birding.
Click here to view the bird species found at Plantation Bay.

Children’s Activities

In case your children ever leave the water, there’s still lots more for them to do – fishing for real live garoupa (almost a sure thing), fish-feeding, boat-racing, sand-castle building, face and T-shirt painting, and many organized children’s activities.

For your peace of mind, Plantation Bay has a nurse on duty from 6am to 10pm, and a doctor on call. We are a 10-minute drive from a community hospital.

Botanical Tour

If your kids misbehaved, don’t give them a time-out. Instead, make them take our Botanical Tour. (Better join them.) It’s a fun way to kill an hour while learning really useful stuff about poisonous plants, ghostly fragrances, and the mysterious way bamboo clones all die at the same time regardless of where they are in the world.

Read our Building Signage

The names used around Plantation Bay are based on the theme “exotic places in fact and fiction”, and follow a strict alphabetical order counter-clockwise around the resort. Our signs are not only informative, but amusing. We think. (And if you’d like to stretch your mental muscles a bit, take the NameGame Quiz afterwards and win a cheap prize ( Call your butler).


The Olympic Pentathlon is a 5-event competition which tests skill needed by the 19th Century equivalent of Special Forces commandos. It involves swimming, running, horseback-riding, pistol-shooting and fencing. The Plantation Bay Resort & Spa Duodecathlon is a 12-event act of insanity, which tests the skill of 20th Century men and women in surviving the rigors of a holiday at one of the world’s most distinctive resorts. Visit Gameroom.

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