All prices in the Philippines are subject to 12% Value Added Tax. At the same time, in accordance with industry norms in the country, Plantation Bay also adds a 10% service charge, which is distributed monthly to all the regular employees of the hotel, in equal shares. Where a figure is shown with + after the numbers, this means that 10% service charge will be added. Thus, P 100 + means that your final tab for that item will be P 110. P 100 ++ means that your final tab will be around P 123.2 for that item, after both VAT and the service charge are added. Finally, in some cases, we quote prices "Nett", which means that whatever VAT and service charge are applicable are already included in that figure; hence, P 100 Nett means that your bill will be P 100. We apologize for any confusion this might cause, but assure you that all hotels in the country do (or should do) the same thing, with the difference that we actually pay our VAT taxes, and actually pay out the service charge to our employees, whereas some might not.