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Scientific Gourmet Nutrition Program

Plantation Bay’s 13-Day nutrition program combines two highly-effective and scientifically well-founded diet systems with delicious international cuisine from our four restaurants and theme buffet dinners. Not only that, we also incorporate the latest food technology in the form of prepared foods and refreshing drinks that help spark metabolism, facilitate weight loss, and even enhance mental function. No effective diet is easy to follow, but our enticing and varied menus will help you stay the course, giving you the best chance to lose weight and to develop healthy new eating habits.

Days may be inter-changed at management’s discretion to adjust for weekly scheduled restaurant closures. Requests for substitutions will be allowed if sensible. Plantation Bay does not give medical advice or medical treatments. Guests must bring a doctor’s certificate which refers to this schedule and affirms that it is safe for you to follow the program for the entire 13 days.

Diet Plan includes: Beef or Chicken Bone Broth any time at Kilimanjaro Kafé; up to two Diet Sodas a day; 9 bottles (16 oz.) of FatWater (see Plan); 5 emergency Fiber One Brownie Bars (call Clinic for delivery); 100 ketosis test strips; 5 psyllium capsules per day (to aid in digestive regularity); and nutritional information. Drink at least two liters of water daily, of which at least half a liter upon waking (to help flush out toxins).

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