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Policies on Room Occupancy

Room Occupancy
The hotel has generous limits for the maximum occupancy of our various rooms. These limits are for guest safety and comfort, as well as to avoid excessive wear and tear. Please respect these limits and do not entertain visitors or bring extra persons into your hotel guest room except for brief periods during the day but not later than 6 PM, or this will occasion an Undeclared Guest charge of $100 per person per day.

Friends and Visitors
While of course you are welcome to invite local friends and relatives to see you or dine with you at the resort, for visitors (maximum 2 per room) who wish to use the lagoons, swimming pools, or other leisure facilities there will be a per person charge of $25 nett per person per day.

If you have more than 2 visitors who wish to use our facilities, please book another room or our Daytripper Adventure Package. Use of facilities for registered visitors is until 6 PM only.

Should the hotel discover that your unregistered visitors are using the facilities, a $100 fine per person (regardless of age) per day will be charged.

Bringing in of Food
Plantation Bay is a 5-star resort and not a public picnic ground or beer garden. Guests are welcome to bring in moderate quantities of food but not so much as to constitute a party or a picnic, which would adversely affect the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the resort. Pre-cooked food in pots or plasticware is explicitly covered by this policy. Except for snacks, such food should not be consumed outside your guestroom, and not on your balcony. If, in the hotel’s sole opinion, you have brought in or consumed an amount of food in excess of “moderate”, corkage charges will be applied. A Cleanup and Trash Disposal Fee of $200 per room per day will also be imposed.

Smoking and bringing in products with lingering odor
There are designated smoking areas spread around the resort. Smoking and e-cigarettes, durian, kimchi, and other products which leave a lingering odor are not permitted in guest rooms, balconies, building common areas, and any areas used for dining or relaxing. Failure to observe these prohibitions will occasion a US$200 per day or occurrence special cleaning charge.

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